Business Management


“If you have a terminal, we can crimp it for you.”

Cengiz Demirel, Company Owner

With over 40 years of professional experience, the owner, Cengiz Demirel, oversees and manages the daily operations. While the day-to-day operations gradually shift to the younger generation, he remains well-informed about all aspects of the company.

His expertise continues to be the foundation for all existing generations of machinery. All products are based on his original designs, and he closely supervised all constructions that left the facility.

As a respected engineer, he was able to provide solutions for the most challenging requirements and continues to develop custom machinery to this day, passing on his vast knowledge to the next generation.

executive management

The next generation is already here. Since 2018, they have been introduced to the company and are gradually taking over all business operations.

Yasmin Demirel ref. jur.

As a trained lawyer and business engineer, she is primarily responsible for internal operations and oversees and optimizes all processes in the company. Additionally, she ensures a smooth flow between the production facilities and acts as a driving force in the company.

Dennis Demirel

He is deployed worldwide and travels to all sales locations to maintain close customer contact. Coordination and strategic planning are also part of his responsibilities. All marketing materials and concepts originate from him and are personally implemented by him.


Individually for more than 20 years in the company, they take on a variety of tasks. Our management team enjoys our highest trust.

Robert Siegert
Sales Director

As the Sales Director, he is involved in all processes from inquiry to the delivery of crimping presses, crimping tools, as well as wear and spare parts. Additionally, he is the primary point of contact for our global major customers when it comes to scheduling and follow-up.

Peter Richter
Technical Director

He is considered the direct contact for various key accounts and has independently developed several custom machines. He is deployed worldwide and represents the company in all technical matters.

Rico Spiegelhauer
Commercial Director

In the company, he is responsible for procurement, warehouse, and material management, as well as IT. In addition, he is assigned various key accounts, branches, and international markets, which he visits regularly.